Artist Biographies

Butler, Theodore (1876-1937)
American Impressionist. One of a group of important American painters to have found their way to Giverny, France to study with Claude Monet. Influenced in style by Monet, Butler would marry Monet’s daughter. Butler traveled to the United States during his career but always returned to France.


Coppedge, Fern Isabel (1888-1951)    
Noted painter of the Pennsylvania Impressionist School. Coppedge studied under William Merit Chase, John Carlson, and Henry Snell. She painted in and around Bucks County Pennsylvania as well as the Gloucester Harbor Area, Cape Anne Art Colony.


Fuller, George (1822-1884)
An early pioneer of the Tonalist School. His late works, particularly his portraits, placed him in the top tier of American colorists, and painters of original inspiration. His son-in-law was painter Augustus Vincent Tack.


Glackens, William (1870-1937)
One of the founding members of “The Eight,” along with Robert Henri, John Sloan, and Everett Shinn. Later in his career, he was influenced by the French painter Jean Renoir and is sometimes referred to as the “American Renoir.” An important figure during the first half of the 20th century, he was instrumental in advising and purchasing paintings for the Barnes Collection of Philadelphia.

Gruppe, Emile (1896-1978) 

Student of John Carlson, and an important member of the Cape Ann artist colony. Known for his marine and dockside paintings and landscapes of Vermont.


Hibbard, Aldro T. (1886-1972)
Hibbard studied under Edward Tarbell and Joseph DeCamp of the Boston School; Painted in an impressionist manner. Hibbard was an important painter of the Cape Ann artist colony.

Hill, John Henry (1839-1922)

American Pre-Raphaelite painter. Landscape painter in America and Europe. Grandson of painter John Hill and son of painter John William Hill.

Hills, Laura Combs (1859-1952)

Noted Boston painter, Hills began her career as a painter of miniatures on ivories, but is best known for her pastel paintings of flowers.


Johnson, David (1827-1908)   
An important artist of the Hudson River School. Johnson also painted luminist landscapes.


Lever, Richard Hayley (1876-1958)
Born in Australia, Lever began painting in the artist colony in St. Ives, England, and then arrived in America to paint in the Cape Ann and Gloucester art colonies, as well as New York City and New Jersey. Known as an Impressionist and Post-Impressionist.


Lewis, Martin (1883-1962)  
An important graphic artist and painter, best known for his powerful depictions of New York City life. Born in Australia.


Peterson, Jane (1876-1965)
Noted American Impressionist in watercolor, gouache and oils. Her works are in many major collections and museums. She began her art instruction at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. Peterson studied with the Spanish painter Joaquin Sorella who was a profound influence on her career.


Perry, Lilla Cabot (1848-1933)
Perry studied under American painter Robert Vonnoh. She was influenced by her long-time friend and mentor, Claude Monet. Known as a Boston School painter, Perry also lived and painted in Japan. She painted in oils, watercolor and pastels.


Pleissner, Ogden M. (1905-1983)
Student of painter Frank Dumond at the Arts Student League, Pleissner painted in oils and watercolors. An early painting of Brooklyn brownstones was purchased by the Metropolitan Museum. Noted for sporting paintings. His works can be seen on rotating display at the Shelbourne Museum.


Roseland, Harry (1868-1956)          
An important genre painter, whose works also depict the lives of African Americans. At the end of his career, he painted scenes of Coney Island. Roseland lived and worked in Brooklyn, New York.


Tack, Augustus Vincent (1870-1949)        
Associated with collector Duncan Phillips, Tack helped Phillips form his notable collection housed in Washington, D.C. Tack studied under Julian Weir and John Twachtman in an Impressionist Manner. Tack would later evolve to paint mystical semi-abstract landscapes. His murals can be seen in the Phillips Collection.


Tait, Arthur Fitzwilliam (1819-1905)       
Born in England, Tait came to the United States in 1850. Noted animal painter and designer of important images reproduced in Currier & Ives prints.


Thieme, Anthony (1888-1954)
Born in Holland, Thieme would go on to become an important painter and teacher of the Rockport Art Colony. Thieme was known for his marine paintings and ability to capture light on reflected water.


Walkowitz, Abraham (1880-1965) 
Walkowitz was associated with the Steiglitz Circle; he was an Early Modernist. Noted as a painter of the modern dancer Isadora Duncan.


Whorf, John (1903-1959)
Whorf was an important American watercolorist in the tradition of Winslow Homer and Sargent. In Whorf’s first solo exhibition in Boston, Sargent purchased one of his painting and invited him to his studio to paint.


Wyant, Alexander Helwig (1832-1892)
Influenced by the American painter George Inness, Wyant became an important Tonalist painter. Our inventory also includes several watercolors, which are comparatively rare.